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Auto Accident Attorneys

Measures Taken in Car Accidents


Car accidents have become very common in the modern society especially in the developing countries. Car accidents can cause severe injury to an individual or even death. According to research, the accidents have claimed very many lives on the roads, and the accidents are still escalating compared to past years. Therefore, there is a need for every one of us all to take part in curbing car accidents. Car accidents are mainly caused by the negligence of a driver, failure to follow road signs or breakdown of a vehicle. Negligence by the driver can be as a result of over speeding, drug addiction causing impairment or driving without a license. Other factors include the design of the road or the road environment where other roads have very many potholes. These factors can lead to a traffic collision with other vehicles, animals, pedestrians or other obstructions on the road. The crash can lead to deaths of passengers, injury or destruction of property. Click here to get started.


As deaths and car accidents continue to rise, prevention measures are being put in place so as to help minimize the deaths resulting from road accidents. There are predictions that in recent years to come, death and injury caused by the accidents will exceed deaths caused by other epidemics such as HIV/AIDS as the burden of death and disability will increase. Rules and resolutions have been passed by humanitarian bodies, and they have also held conferences so as to come with measures to prevent road accidents. World day of remembrance for road traffic victims was one of the resolutions passed by the United Nations to promote and create awareness on road safety. Action to reduce accidents has also been taken by Posting advisory speed limits, adding barriers, and applying road surfaces of high friction on most accident black spots.


There are also laws that govern car accidents that help to determine which party is responsible for the damage of either personal or property caused by the car accident. Law of car accidents consists of principles of negligence and is related to the personal injury law. The law of car accident helps to consider who was responsible for the car accident and determines who to pay expenses of the hospital and the mechanics. The responsible party can either be the driver, the car company or the victim. In this case, the plaintiff files a case in court claiming that the driver, company or corporation that it participated in an action that was careless and irresponsible that led to an injury. In car accident law, the victim must prove the elements of a breach, harm, duty and causation in a court of law for them to be compensated. Who is the best Charlotte truck accident attorney? Read more about this at this website.